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Melissa Faith Yeo Claims She Wants To Expose "Hypocrisy & Misogyny" Of Media Days After Kate Pang Considers Suing Her For Spreading "Baseless Accusations" About Andie Chen

In a new video, Melissa, whose relationship with Andie ended 11 years ago, says she’s rehashing the past now as she’s finally "in the right headspace" to talk about it.


In a series of TikTok videos that were posted over the last week, former-actress-turned-real-estate-agent Melissa Faith Yeo, 36, spoke about her experience in the limelight, as well as a toxic relationship that she had. 

While Melissa did not explicitly name the other party in her videos, the details she revealed were more than enough for people to figure out who she was referring to, with netizens naming Andie Chen, 36, as the ex-boyfriend she was referencing.

Melissa claimed that Andie “alluded to the press” that she cheated on him. She said that as a result of his words, she was "slut-shamed for cheating on my boyfriend on top of everything.”

She added in a later video that a toxic ex-boyfriend, whom she’d broken up with 11 years ago, constantly belittled her, saying that she was the “least pretty girlfriend” he’d ever had, along with other insults.

Kate and Andie are staying unbothered...

Thus far, apart from issuing a statement to the media that Melissa’s claims are false, Andie has chosen not to directly comment on the issue.

A day after Melissa’s first TikTok video, Andie’s wife, Kate Pang, 39, indirectly refuted Melissa’s accusations on Instagram.

Then, on June 6, Kate spoke with Chinese media outlet Shin Min Daily News, where she directly responded to the allegations.

Melissa and Andie broke up in 2011. Andie then went on to date Kate in 2012, before tying the knot a year later in 2013. The couple have two kids together — Aden, seven, and Avery, five.

Kate revealed that she knew of the nasty rumours about Melissa and Andie’s breakup when she first got to know Andie. However, they never really discussed the issue. Kate added that she found the rumours to be ridiculous.

“At first, when my husband brought this matter up to me, he found it strange, and quite hilarious. Actually, I was a little unhappy 'cos these baseless accusations will harm my husband’s reputation,” Kate said.

...but they want to set the record straight too.

She went on to share that if this matter were to blow up even more, she might sue Melissa, as she feels that when it comes to these false allegations, there’s no need for Andie and her to shoulder the weight of these falsehoods.

“If whatever you do today causes harm to others, there will be a day in the future where you will be punished,” Kate said, adding that if someone wishes to vent their anger or sort through their feelings, they should do so to their close friends or family, instead of going online to vent.

“The public doesn’t know us, and these accusations will cause great harm to us,” Kate said.

Kate also advised Melissa to put down the past, and live her life well, adding that she believes Melissa must feel very hurt.

“All these years, she always believed that she’d been lied to,” Kate said.

Finally, when it comes to past relationships, Kate had one last thing to say.

“Actually, we should all thank our exes 'cos we are only able to appreciate what we have now, after experiencing and going through the incompatibilities that surfaced [in our past relationships]. So we should feel grateful towards each and every one of our exes, for letting us know what suits us [best],” she said.

More TikToks from Melissa Faith Yeo.

Three days later, on June 9, Melissa posted another TikTok in response to a netizen who felt that she was rehashing the past after so long in order to remain relevant.

In her video, Melissa denied doing so for the attention. Instead, she claimed that she wanted to expose the "double standards, hypocrisy and misogyny in the media industry” that caused her to have to "deal with the consequences” of Andie’s accusations.

"I guess we can go back and forth debating whether my ex did this intentionally or not. But, it was me who had to deal with the consequences. It was my… dream, my career. My passion, my reputation and my mental health (sic) [that suffered],” she said, getting visibly emotional. 

She also added a subtitle in her video, revealing that she wanted to mention her family too, but she "couldn't say this without choking up”.

So... this is not going to die down anytime soon?

Melissa went on to reassure everyone that she’s “okay" now. She revealed that this was a “big issue” that had been weighing on her for many years.

However, she only brought it up after 11 years as she wanted to wait till she was “in the right headspace” to talk about it.

“I have made mistakes in the past, where I led with my emotions, and I don’t want to be that person anymore,” she said, ending off with a “see you in the next video”.

Photos: Kate Pang/Instagram, Andie Chen/Instagram, Melissa Faith Yeo/TikTok



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