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Queen Elizabeth II Once Shared Her Pancake Recipe With US President Eisenhower & It’s Now Going Viral

We tried making the late monarch’s old-school drop scone recipe and it’s easy-to-make and delicious.

Sharon Au Made French Chicken Stew On Cooking Show & It Was A “Disaster”

“They wanted to end with a bang, but in hindsight, I think they wanted people to laugh at me,” she jokes.

Fann Wong Makes Jelly Cake Featuring Son Zed; Hubby Christopher Lee Says It’s Actually Him

“After I made this, my husband said this is him, not Zed. He used to live in a kampong and played in the water all the time.”

Michelle Wong’s 4-Ingredient Rice Cooker Hanjuku Cheesecake Is Great For Noobs

You can use a basic old-school rice cooker to make this fluffy Japanese-style cheesecake.

Bite-Sized Kueh Is Good, But This Giant Pandan Coconut One Is Even Better

Steam puteri ayu kueh in a big bundt pan for Hari Raya or Mother’s Day.

Make Authentic Matcha Warabi Mochi In 30 Minutes

Way yummier than many store-bought versions in Singapore.