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Top 10 Most Desirable TVB Actors Voted By TVB Actresses

The actor who topped the list will surprise you.
Top 10 Most Desirable TVB Actors Voted By TVB Actresses

There are a lot of good looking actors in TVB, but who's the hot favourite among their female colleagues? 

In a recent poll, TVB actresses were asked to vote for the most "desirable" male actors in the company. While the list was dominated by up-and-comers, the hunk who came in at number is a, for a lack of a better term, oldie but goodie.

10. Danny Hung, 35

The actor, who is rumoured to be dating former Miss Hong Kong contestant Jessica Liu, has appeared in TVB dramas such as Forensic Heroes 5 and Kids' Lives Matter.

9. Aska Cheung, 27

While we're not familiar with him, the singer, who took part in TVB singing competition STARS Academy, is well-liked by his female colleagues.

8. Kyle Lee, 31

The actor, who represented Hong Kong in the Mister International competition in 2016, has been signed to Hong Kong's largest film production company Shaw Brothers Studio since 2019.

7. Telford Wong, 34

Have you seen the actor, who used to be a sportscaster for Hong Kong TV channel nowTV, in recent dramas such as Forensic Heroes 5 and The Line Watchers?

6. Brian Chu, 30

Now that the actor, who recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years, Miss Chinese International 2017 winner Stitch Yu, is single, his desirability factor has shot up more right?

5. Karl Ting, 25 

Can't say we're surprised to see, Karl, who is one of TVB’s most promising young actors on the list.

Karl joined TVB after coming in first runner-up at the 2016 Mr Hong Kong competition. He also won the Mr Photogenic and Most Liked By Audience awards, making him the youngest contestant to bag the most number of awards in the history of the pageant.


4. Matthew Ho, 34

Guess those perpetual rumours of him dating TVB actress Rebecca Zhu does not make Matthew any less "desirable" to his female colleagues.

3. Chow Kalok, 27

Being a permanent cast member on TVB's hit long-form drama Come Home LoveLo and Behold has undoubtedly catapulted the young actor to fame.

This year, Kalok had his first lead role in 2022 TVB comedy Your Highness.

2. Joey Law, 35

Yet another star whose popularity skyrocketed thanks to Come Home Love.

Joey also dated his co-star Roxanne Tong, who's now famously known as Kenneth Ma's fiancé, for four years while they were filming the drama.

1. Bosco Wong, 42

Surprised? Well, not quite. The actor has always been popular with the ladies. And the perennial bachelor seems to be getting hotter with age. 

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Catch Bosco in TVB drama War Of In-Laws on meWATCH below:



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