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Roxanne Tong Says She Isn't Leaving TVB Even If Her Veteran Actor Father Tong Chun Chung Wants Her To

The actress is remaining loyal to her employer... for now. 
Roxanne Tong Says She Isn't Leaving TVB Even If Her Veteran Actor Father Tong Chun Chung Wants Her To

There's a growing list of stars who have parted ways with TVB over the past year, but Roxanne Tong isn’t going to be joining that group. 

Yes, even if her father, veteran actor Tong Chun Chung, 65, wants her to.

Chun Chung, who is the brother of former TVB actor Kent Tong, has been in showbiz since 1981 and is known for being one of the first Hongkong actors to move to China for work. 

In a recent interview, he shared that he had asked Roxanne, 35, who’s been with TVB for 10 years now, to leave the broadcaster to pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Chun Chung shared that he's now semi-retired and doesn't ask for more in his acting career.

But he does wish for his daughter to go further in showbiz, though. 

"[I] want my daughter to continue walking down this road and be in more TV shows," he said.

He then shared that he once advised Roxanne to step out of her comfort zone. 

"If an actor stays put at one place, there's little room for improvement," he said, adding that one can only unleash their potential when they enter a new environment and meet new people.

In other words, he hopes for her to leave TVB.

Chun Chung also admitted that he used to worry that Roxanne would not be able to handle the irregular hours of filming. But after witnessing how she persevered despite the long hours, he became convinced that she's "really passionate about her job".

Roxanne started her showbiz career in 2012 after joining the Miss Hong Kong pageant, in which she came in sixth. The winner that year was Carat Cheung, while her boyfriend Kenneth Ma's ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wong and former TVB actress Tracy Chu came in second and third respectively.

Roxanne went on to sign a contract with TVB and has starred in hit dramas such as Forensic Heroes IV, Airport Strikers and Barrack O'Karma 1968

Is Roxanne's boyfriend Kenneth staying too?

So what does Roxanne have to say about seeking new opportunities outside of her employer?

According to the actress, her father never actually told her to "leave TVB". 

She said that he just wanted her to try new things but she feels she doesn't have to leave the broadcaster to do so. 

Furthermore, she still has a contract with TVB.

When asked if the broadcaster has plans for her to further her career in China or take on other jobs, the actress said: "I'm thankful that the company has given me lots of opportunities to be in dramas and variety shows. As for other jobs, [I'll] just go with the flow!"

"I believe that if there [are jobs] that are suitable for me, the company will have their arrangements," she added. 

Meanwhile, dutiful boyfriend Kenneth also said that he "definitely supports her decisions."

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