Whatever happened to Priscelia Chan, we found ourselves wondering one day. It’s seems like the actress had completely vanished from TV. Did she retire from showbiz and no one knew about it? Then recently, we saw her on Darryl Yong’s Instagram. The actor was starring in a short film the actress was directing, and in his photo with her, she was in glasses and wearing no make-up. Before we knew it, there was news that she had given up acting for two years ’cos of a severe make-up allergy. But turns out, that’s not even close to the real story.

When we met Priscelia earlier this week, she was sitting outside a café at the Mediacorp campus. In front of her was a cup of coffee and a half-eaten sponge cake that she would finish by the end of our hour-long chat.

The 40-year-old actress had been in Mediacorp for most of the day doing post-production work on the short film she directed for the station’s incubator project where she and five other stars — Joanne Peh, Bryan Wong, Ian Fang, Shane Pow and Romeo Tan —  will showcase their directing (and in Pris’s case, scriptwriting) talents.

It’s the first time we’re seeing the actress in more than two years. And while she’s still every bit the super-sweet and super-pretty star that we know, there’s something different about her. Like how her skin looks tanned now, which we naturally assumed was from filming outdoors. (P/S: it’s not) Still, her complexion is good and clear — not what you would expect from someone suffering from a severe skin allergy.

“It’s a miracle that I look like this now,” she smiles when we tell her that she looks good without make-up.

It’s an understatement of epic proportions to say that it’s been a hellish two years for the actress, whose "traumatic" health scare forced her to give up acting.