Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And in this case, it looks like the social media cold war, emo rant, and non-stop gossip were indeed all pointing at the fact that Taiwanese singer Show Luo and Chinese influencer Grace Chow have ended their nine-year relationship.

Grace confirmed the split herself with a lengthy post on Weibo this morning (Apr 23). “Show Luo and I have already broken up for quite some time now,” she wrote, adding that the reason she didn’t address this sooner was because she didn’t want to cause a distraction amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. “It’s been so long that I can now explain the whole thing to you in a calm and even slightly derisive manner.”

The 31-year-old went on to dedicate a long letter to her 40-year-old ex, which goes into great (and damning) detail about why she decided to part ways with him after almost a decade. (Let’s just say his presence at that infamous pool party makes a lot more sense).

Keep reading for 8days.sg’s translation of Grace’s post.

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