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Qi Yuwu Used To Think That There’s No Need For “Big Flashy Gestures” In A Marriage, But Has Since Changed His Mind

The 45-year-old actor revealed how his parents, who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, impacted his outlook on marriage.


Ah, sweet love. On May 16, Qi Yuwu, 45, shared a picture of a deceptively simple cake on his Instagram, revealing that his parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on that day.

However, instead of a grand celebration, the actor’s parents marked the special occasion with a “simple meal at a restaurant”, with dessert ready at home in the form of the white cake.

“It was my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary today. There weren't any extravagant celebrations, luxurious clothes, nor was it an event with loads of guests and friends present. The whole family (excluding my family) had a simple meal at a restaurant. They then returned home and cut this cake, and that was how the two of them celebrated this day. And just like that, they’ve spent 50 years [together] very simply, I’m deeply moved!” he wrote in his caption.

Cake is all you need -- this is how Yuwu and Joanne celebrated the actress' birthday this year

"Right now, with the increase in divorces, and the decrease in marriages, and as someone who is currently married too, unknowingly, I do feel some pressure occasionally,” he went on to muse.

Yuwu tied the knot with Joanne Peh, 39, in 2014, after going public with their relationship a year prior. They now have two kids together —a six-year-old daughter nicknamed Baby Qi, and a 5-year-old son nicknamed Qi Didi.

Dad's the way it should be

The actor then went on to share more about his parents’ relationship, describing it as “a simple marriage” that has endured the test of time.

"I’m very aware that when it comes to my parents, there were disagreements, dissatisfaction, and some tears too. When I was younger, they once quarrelled so badly, they wanted to divorce. But I can see that they’ve always had each other in their hearts, and whenever the other party needs them, they’re always present. As far as I know, they’ve never told each other “I love you”, and when they walk together, they rarely hold hands too. This is their way [when it comes to their relationship],” he wrote.

Yuwu added that this has also influenced the way he originally approached his relationships, with “no need for big flashy gestures”.

It's Joanne and Yuwu's eighth wedding anniversary this year.

“From my perspective, an old couple sitting quietly together, or holding hands while on a quiet stroll in a garden, is how I understand marriage [to be like]. A thin river flows forever, and a simple marriage is even more precious and romantic,” he wrote.

"I can’t summarise everyone's thoughts on marriage, but for me, the word ‘marriage’, and the meaning and significance it holds, has gradually changed with the passage of time. My needs, its significance and importance have all changed,” he added.

So, is this a hint that we can look forward to even more sweet dedications and IG posts about his relationship with Joanne

Only time will tell, but for now, here’s Yuwu’s parting words: "Regardless of all this, what I want to say is: This is such a beautiful day that’s worth celebrating! Seeing my parents growing old together with each other, looking at their happy faces, and [knowing] the difficulties they’ve endured together, this is the true side of life. Being able to stay with you till the very end, even after going through the baptism that’s life, that’s true happiness!”

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