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Joanne Peh Disappointed About Star Awards 2022 Loss; Says It’s “The Perfect Lesson To Share” With Her Children

The 39-year-old actress took to IG to share her feelings on losing out on the Best Actress Award last Sunday night.

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Joanne Peh Disappointed About Star Awards 2022 Loss; Says It’s “The Perfect Lesson To Share” With Her Children

Joanne Peh was up against some strong contenders for this year’s role of Best Actress at the Star Awards.

The actress was nominated for her performance in the drama Mind Jumper where she played the role of a single mum who gained special mind-reading abilities after undergoing radiotherapy.

Her performance drew praise in many quarters, with an industry insider predicting her win when conducted a pre-awards show survey earlier this month.

Alas, she lost to Huang Biren, who took home her fourth Best Actress Award that night.

If you were wondering how Joanne felt after the loss, the mum-of-two took to Instagram to share her thoughts in a post on Tuesday morning (April 26).

Joanne and her husband, Qi Yuwu, 45, were dressed to impress at the annual awards show.

Her caption reads:

Feeling like a million bucks — (though I’m worth more than that)— with my beloved right next to me.

I didn’t win best actress and I wish my family and fans who were there to watch the show in person after so long hadn’t gone in vain. But this was also the perfect lesson to share with my children.

Sometimes we work very hard and put in our best, and even people around us think we’ve done well, but that doesn’t mean we will win an award. It’s ok to be disappointed, and it’s ok to feel complicated emotions. Acknowledge those feelings and know that it’ll help us build empathy. Our commitment and dedication to do good work will continue to move us forward.

One year I won and I was crying backstage, this year I didn’t win - and if you wanna know what I did when I got home, stay tuned to my next post.”

Still gotta celebrate though!

Joanne also took to her IG stories to post a picture of her team, clinking cups and um, bottles to celebrate their hard work for the night. As they should 'cos look how good she looks in both gowns.

We’re guessing this is what she did when she got home from the show that night?

All the best for next year, Joanne!

Photos: Joanne Peh/ Instagram, Mediacorp/ Photo Unit

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