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Ex HK Singer Steven Cheung To Get A Vasectomy After Welcoming 4th Son In 4 Years

The scandal-plagued singer, who is reportedly in debt too, says he is taking on “the greatest responsibility as head of the family”.


Looks like Hong Kong singer Steven Cheung, 38, has finally decided to heed the advice of netizens and stop growing his brood.

The singer, who was one-half of Cantopop duo Boyz, announced on Instagram that he will undergo a vasectomy now that he has four kids.

"Thank you all for your opinions, support, and encouragement. It's an honour to be the father of four children. Seeing the birth of my fourth son, I recalled all the experiences of the past years. For the livelihood of our family of six in the future, after careful consideration, I have decided to undergo a vasectomy to take the greatest responsibility as head of this family,” he wrote. 

He revealed that he had contacted a day surgery centre to arrange for the procedure and will share the details after the surgery.

He welcomed his fourth son on Sep 6

The decision received unanimous praise and support from netizens.

In just over 10 minutes, it attracted nearly 500 likes, with some joking that: "This [decision] may be the most worthy of support!"

Steven and his wife, model Au Man Man, 32, welcomed the newest member of their family, son Tin Lok, on September 6. They have three other sons, Tin Bo, three, and Tin Muk, two, and Tin Long, one.

Steven and Man Man have been very open about their financial struggles and marriage troubles

Steven, who has been mired in divorce drama and relationship scandals, has been struggling to find work in recent years.

He’s had to take on odd jobs to support his family, including working at a snack shop and distributing flyers and condoms.

According to Hong Kong media, he’s reportedly in debt, and his monthly expenses are likely to be more than the HK$30,000 (S$5.2K) he disclosed.

Steven and Man Man have been criticised for growing their family despite their financial struggles.

But Man Man thinks kids are a gift.

"Being poor doesn't mean you're not qualified to have children. Children are a gift from God, and there must be a reason for them. We'll raise them even if we're poor. The most important thing is that the kids are happy,” she said.

Photos: PBE Media, Steven Cheung/Instagram



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