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M'sian DJ Discovers He Owes His Bank Almost S$30mil For No Reason While On Holiday In Paris

DJ Luke Loke, who has since resolved the issue with his bank, said it was not the work of hackers. So what was it?!
M'sian DJ Discovers He Owes His Bank Almost S$30mil For No Reason While On Holiday In Paris

Imagine being on holiday, only find that you’ve somehow racked up a huge debt, but not by your own doing. Scary, right?

That’s exactly what happened to Malaysian DJ Luke Loke, who is on vacation in Paris. 

According to a now-deleted Facebook post by the jock, he woke up on Tuesday (Mar 21) to find his bank balance in the negative.

And we’re not talking about a few dollars here. His bank balance showed that he was RM99.8mil (S$29.8mil) in debt. 

“I wasn’t excited when I woke up [to see] 90mil in my bank account, [because] it was in the negative. I don’t know what is going on either. It’s 5.18am in Paris now, and when Maybank called me I didn’t pick up the call as I was sleeping,” wrote Luke. 

He went on to explain: “There’s nothing in my transaction record, these random numbers appeared out of nowhere. I can’t contact Maybank now, so I’ll have to continue thinking of solutions.” 

He was clearly stressed out by the situation, adding that he was very “sien [sic]”.

“Why am I always the one being hurt, what did I do wrong?” he wrote. 

Luke’s followers were equally shocked, leaving comments such as “Wah, what a horrifying experience, hopefully you get it solved soon” and “Did you offend Maybank in your last life?”. 

One Facebook user also shared about their recent similar experience, where their credit card “had two unauthorised transactions”.

Here's the screenshot Luke attached in his now-deleted Facebook post

Yesterday morning (Mar 22), Luke wrote another Facebook post updating his followers on the situation. 

“I set an alarm at 2am Paris time to wake up and call Maybank. I managed to contact them without much of a wait. I talked to a manager who was very keen to help, and he explained everything to me. [We] are currently working things out,” he wrote. 

Luke thanked the bank representative for his help, and also expressed his gratitude to those who showed him concern following his previous post. 

The jock, who seemed to be doing much better, also cheekily addressed those who “were gloating at his misfortune”, saying: “I’m not mad at you guys, maybe you’re missing some excitement in your lives. I’m okay with being your entertainment. Don’t need to thank me, ‘cos we don’t know each other anyway.”

Although Luke did not reveal the reason for the bank's screw up, he confirmed it had “nothing to do with hackers”. 

He also said he took down the initial post as he “did not want to cause more trouble for the Maybank employees”. 

The jock has since updated his page with more pictures from his trip.
Undeterred by the incident, he wrote: “No matter what happened, I will still try my best to bring my friends around Paris. I’m glad the weather is good and everything is going well.”

Photos: Luke Loke/ Facebook



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