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Has Ian Fang replaced Desmond Tan as Rebecca Lim’s BFF?

New fast friends even have their own secret nickname, BGB

Has Ian Fang replaced Desmond Tan as Rebecca Lim’s BFF?

Photos: Camelia Ting, Rebecca Lim (@limrebecca) via Instagram
Video: Vanessa Lim

BFF, BGB, OMG…. In the world of celeb friendships, acronyms are the way to go.

After one-time close pals Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan were recently declared to have ended their status as BFFs (best friends forever), Ian Fang appears to have stepped up as the former’s BGB, the meaning of which is only known to them.

“It’s a lame, childish nickname, and no one needs to know more about it!” Rebecca said. But after repeated badgering, the 29-year-old actress reluctantly revealed other details. “BGB is made up of English words, and it’s an unflattering nickname Ian gave me because I used to look plain,” she said.

“Ian has given Felicia Chin and Paige Chua personal nicknames too,” she added.

Rebecca’s close friendship with 26-year-old Ian has got everyone guessing: Are they or aren’t they? Though the pair say for now they’re just friends, neither is ruling out taking things further.

“Never say never,” Rebecca said.

“At this juncture, Ian is a really, really good friend of mine. A lot of people are surprised by that, because they think we’re different. Ian is easily misunderstood, but he’s kind-hearted and trustworthy and we can talk about work.”

Ian, whose two latest relationships involved older girls, said, “It all depends on how fated we are.” But would the Duke make a move? “Rebecca’s a great girl, we all know that, and every boy would like her,” he replied indirectly.

Change of heart?
Dethroned BFF and fellow Duke Desmond Tan explained how his friendship with Rebecca had cooled of late. “We were part of a close group of secondary school friends,” he said. “But these years we’re all occupied with our careers, and some have gotten married. Rebecca and I get busier by the year with acting projects, and the group meet up less frequently, so we’ve all grown apart.”

But both actors were surprised by the local magazine cover announcing that their BFFness was over. “The headline was indeed rather misleading, and it gave the impression we were no longer friends at all,” Desmond said.

Rebecca added, “The story was supposed to have been published in March 2016 in time for the debut of The Truth Seekers in April, so I was shocked to see it out so soon.”

The friends of more than 10 years are working together on the new 23-part Channel 8 drama, and play cold-case investigators involved in a love triangle with Yusuke Fukuchi’s character. And of course BFF jokes abound on set, much to their chagrin.

Rebecca and Desmond are set to share some intimate scenes in The Truth Seekers, but despite their being less close these days, it won't be awkward, he said.

“Kissing scenes are all sensitive,” Desmond said. “I always discuss how to approach such scenes with my on-screen partners, and even though I’m friendly with Rebecca we’ll work out the details too.”

But Desmond said he isn't jealous of Ian for having replaced him in Rebecca's life and Instagram snaps.

“I treat all my friends the same way,” he said. “So how they are among themselves won’t affect how I feel towards them.”

The Truth Seekers debuts April 27, 2016, 9 p.m. on Channel 8.

This story is translated by Zara Zhuang.

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