What Does Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima Do When She Feels Unattractive?

Hint: It has something to do with sexy lingerie.

She’s best known as the hot Brazilian model who struts down the runway every year for the world's favourite lingerie fashion event, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And 1.78m-tall Adriana Lima, whose face is synonymous with the American lingerie and sleepwear brand, has been doing that for almost 18 years, making her brand's longest-serving Angel. The 35-year-old mother-of-two (her daughters are 8 and 5) is in town today, and we had the chance to speak to the incredibly sexy Victoria’s Secret Angel (whose eyes are a mesmerising, piercing blue) for a precious five minutes. 

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8 DAYS: You’ve been a Victoria’s Secret model since 1999. How do you feel about being the brand’s longest-serving Angel, especially when there are so many new young models joining the scene?
ADRIANA LIMA: Yes, actually I’m the oldest of all of them (laughs). It’s something that I don’t think about. Every girl has a unique look, and every girl is representing a different type of woman. So, every girl has a different image that they are putting out there, and for me, I’m here representing the mature woman. In my opinion these days, women are ageing so beautifully, and a lot of older women even look better than the younger ones (guffaws). Not only that, you have been through so many different experiences, and you become wiser, and you get to a point where you know yourself, you know who you are, and that confidence only comes with age. And that’s what I find sexy (smiles).

You are one of the hottest women in the world. What do you do on days when you don’t feel attractive?
Thank you (smiles). Well, yes I'm human and there are days when I’m not feeling the greatest. You just try to be positive. You try to find things that make you happy. Come to this store and buy some sexy lingerie, put it on and there you go, you feel sexy. Or just go to the gym, go to the spa, just try to do things that make you feel good (laughs).

Do you have days when you just want to lie in bed and not go out? 
(Laughs) If I lie in bed and not move... I think we all do that when we sleep (chuckles).

You have two beautiful daughters. What’s the most angelic thing they’ve done for you?
They do [angelic things] all the time. But there’s one particular time that I was very sick and I was in bed, and my two daughters came in and took a blanket and covered me. Then they went out and cut some bread for me, and told me: “Here, Mummy, here’s something for you to eat.” I thought that was very sweet.

If you had Victoria’s Secret Angel wings for real, where’d you fly to?
Oh my god… I’d be flying all over the world. I’d have came here already, many years ago (snaps fingers), I’ve always wanted to see Singapore! I’d love to go to India and also Japan!

Brazil is a country with some of the hottest-looking people in the world. What is it about Brazil that produces such stunning beauties?
Really? Thank you (laughs). I think it’s [the] mixture of cultures, and the food — the spicy food!

Catch Adriana Lima at the Victoria's Secret flagship store at Mandarin Gallery tonight at 6-8pm, where she will be signing autographs. 

(Photos: Kelvin Chia)


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