The $35 Under Armour Sportsmask Is Here And You'll Look — And Feel — Pretty Cool Wearing It

The highly-anticipated sports mask drops July 24. We test it out.

The Under Armour Sportsmask launched July 24 and sold out almost immediately. The next batch of masks will be available for purchase in limited quantities on July 31 online and at Under Armour's Funan, Orchard Central, Bugis Junction, Paragon, Changi Airport T1 and Takashimaya stores. Purchase is limited to two pieces per person. Another batch will drop in August. Visit or the Under Armour SEA Facebook page for updates.

(Updated July 29)

In June, reported on the surge of big-name sports brands making their own versions of the protective face mask. And now, the much-anticipated Under Armour Sportsmask, which sold out in the US when it was first launched, is about to land in SG. Pre-orders opened a couple of weeks ago, and the masks will be available from July 24 at three UA stores: Orchard Central, Vivocity and Funan.

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The very cool Under Armour Sportsmask launches July 24. 

We got our hands on a mask before the launch and first thoughts after we ripped open the very nice packaging are: This is a darn cool mask. Unlike the flimsy surgical mask or the standard issue ones, the UA Sportsmask screams, "Design! Technology! Professional sports vibes! Expensive!" It's soft and flexible but holds its shape thanks to a structured design, meaning it will always sit the same way on your face. It appears to be lightly padded, thanks to the middle layer of open-cell foam (the mask is three layers), which lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass.

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The spacious air pocket between the mask and your nose and mouth means more breathability. It also comes with an anti-microbial carrying pouch. We hear more colours will be launched soon — stay tuned. 

The other obvious feature that makes it stand out from other masks made for sporting activities is that the mask sticks out quite distinctively at the nose and mouth area, giving you a cool futuristic beaked look. That's because there is a large breathing air pocket between the mask and your nose and mouth, which means more breathability as you work out. If you're tried to run or engage in any strenuous activity while wearing a mask, you'll realise that as you suck in gulps of air, the mask will be uncomfortably sucked in and out. Not the UA mask. It retains its shape and doesn't move in and out with your breath.

The mask is also water-resistant and features a mouldable nose-bridge to help secure it in place and mitigate airflow to the eyes, helping to prevent glasses from fogging. The special UA Iso-Chill fabric feels cool against the skin and is treated with an anti-microbial technology which inhibits growth of bacteria on the mask to keep things fresh.
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A high-performance mask to help improve your workout and help you stay safe.

The only thing is that if you're used to lightweight cloth masks, you might find the UA mask a tad heavy at first, as its structure and different layers may add some weight.

We feel a sports mask like this is particularly well-suited for team sports such as basketball or for use at the gym, but we're still not that sure about wearing a mask in our heat and humidity to go for a run, especially since it's a solo activity (as long as you stay away from others) and it's not mandatory for runners to wear masks. But as with all things, it's whatever you're comfortable with.

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There are four sizes: SM/MD, MD/LG, LG/XL, XL/XXL. Check out the measurements before getting your mask. 

The UA Sportsmask is $35 and launches July 24. It's available at three UA stores: Orchard Central, Vivocity and Funan.

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