Why Did NDP Middle Finger Boy Do It?

Check out how he shot to Reddit fame.

There's no retracting a flung finger, especially if it's the middle one. And if the entire nation has just witnessed the incident. 

Aside from hogging more news space than the fireworks (but less than the GST vouchers), NDP Middle Finger Boy (or NDPMFB), a Henry Park Primary School pupil, has become an instant viral sensation when he was caught flashing his middle finger during the live broadcast of the National Day Parade. 

It didn't just make the rounds on Facebook (there were tons of amused/stunned/horrified Singaporeans on FB post-NDP), NDPMFB was catapulted to international 15 seconds of fame when he made the front page of Reddit with 29,000 upvotes and admiration by Netizens worldwide. We're not sure, though, if his poor mortified (we assume) parents feel the same swell of pride. 

reddit 1
"Not home, but places". Genius.

According to the school, he's since received counselling and is "deeply apologetic" for his action. But why did he risk eternal meme-ification? Or this death-stare from reprimanding adults?

censored ndp boy

We have a few theories. 

1. He's just tired and wanted to go home.
Kids don't exactly weigh the consequences, right? NDPMFB sees a camera pointed at him, panics, and he does it. Maybe all he wanted was to go home to play on his iPad.

2. He mistook it for a sign for the camera to stop filming.
Camera-shy NDPMFB has seen people do it on TV and movies all the time, and thought that it was the universal sign to signal that you want someone to get out of the way. After all, adults do it on the roads when someone cuts into their lane, right? 

3. His friend made him do it.
NDPMFB's friend has been taunting him to steal the title of NDP Meme Of The Year from 2015's Hot Chinese National Girl Waving Flag. And a real man never backs down. Not when the next day's recess money is at stake.


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