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When To Wear Your Mask From Mar 29 — What’s Considered Indoors And Outdoors?

Is it all too confusing for you? Rely on good ol’ common sense — or read this.

When To Wear Your Mask From Mar 29 — What’s Considered Indoors And Outdoors?

Come Mar 29, some Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore will be relaxed. Among the notable changes announced today (Mar 24) is the mask-wearing rule: Masks are still mandatory indoors and when people leave their homes, but they are optional outdoors.

This is because the risk of outdoor transmission is significantly lower, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his televised speech today.

So in what settings exactly do you need to wear a mask from Mar 29?

Some may use common sense to make that judgment call. But there are others who'd rather err on the side of caution and they might ask: What’s counted as indoors and outdoors? What about that semi-indoor, semi-outdoor patio next to your office, or that shaded sheltered walkway?

Fret not, conscientious law-abiding folks. The Ministry of Health press release about the latest measures sums it up.

“Indoor places refer to all buildings/places with clearly defined entrances/exits, such as office buildings, shopping malls, public transport (ie. when commuting in trains and buses), and includes hawker centres and coffeeshops.

“Places which are sheltered but with open access generally, such as HDB void decks, retail block walkways, bus stops and naturally ventilated bus interchanges will be regarded as outdoor areas.”

They’ve even provided a handy chart for easy reference.

Source: Ministry of Health

Here's a gentle reminder that the above lists do not describe every possible scenario. Not everything comes with a textbook or Ten Year Series worth of answers, okay?

If you find yourself really confused by this new mask-wearing rule, rely on good ol’ common sense and civic responsibility.

MOH still encourages people to wear a mask outdoors if it’s crowded. If you're unwell, you most definitely should keep a mask on, whether you’re in a mall, at the void deck or under an ambiguous partially-roofed shelter with half a wall that you can't quite figure out if it's considered indoors or outdoors.

Main photo: Unsplash/Ankur Madan

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