Not Essential Anymore: Salons, Bubble Tea Shops, Pet Shops & More Will Now Have To Close During The Circuit Breaker

Time to learn to cut your own hair?

In line with today’s (Apr 21) announcement of tightened measures and the extension of the circuit breaker until June 1, the government has trimmed down the list of essential services that can remain open during this time.

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry's updated list of Essential Services, beverage, snack and dessert shops, hair salons, and pet shops, among others, have now been excluded from the list. This comes as part of elevated circuit breaker measures announced by the government today (Apr 21). These establishments will have to suspend operations, with effect from Apr 21 at 11.59pm.

Which establishments have to close? Which can remain open? 

#1: These F&B outlets now have to close.
Beverage, packaged snack, confectionery and dessert stores, as well as all F&B outlets in parks (except on Pulau Ubin) will have to close. 

Stores that have to shut include (lists are non-exhaustive):
- Beverage stores: Bubble tea, fruit juice, smoothies, soya bean, alcoholic beverages such as liquor, wine and beer, and coffee and tea
- Snacks: Packaged snacks and loose snacks including nuts, potato chips, popcorn, bak kwa and cheese
- Desserts: Ice cream, yoghurt, cakes, cupcakes, waffles, chocolate, cookies, sweet pastries, donuts, red/green bean soup, grass jelly

Food carts selling these items will also have to suspend operations. F&B establishments in parks, regardless of what they sell, will have to close as well. Takeaway and/or delivery will not be allowed. However, hawker centres in parks can remain open.

The new restrictions apply to individual outlets selling the above types of food. Food stalls in hawker centres, coffeeshops and food courts can continue operations, including food stalls selling the aforementioned types of food.

All other F&B establishments (including outlets that sell hot/cooked snacks or breads) are allowed to continue operations, only for takeaway and/or delivery during the circuit breaker period.

#2: Hair salons to close.
Hairdressing and barber services will be required to close. 

#3: Brick-and-mortar pet shops will shut as well.
Pet stores, however, will be able to continue operations online.

#4: Retail laundry services to suspend some operations.
Physical stores will have to close as well, except for unmanned stores. What’s permitted: online sales and delivery.

#5: Restrictions on optical shops.
Only by appointment. Strictly no walk-ins.

#6: Temperature screening at all supermarkets and malls.
This comes into effect Apr 22. Patrons at popular malls will also be required to give their particulars for contact tracing.

#7: Convenience stores in parks to close.
However, convenience stores anywhere else will remain open.

#8: No walk-in retail at Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) outlets.
They will only be open for consultation and dispensing of TCM medication only.

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