Ever searched online for free stock photos of shirtless Japanese men in a tea plantation flexing their muscles? Does your Google search history include terms like "photos of hunky Japanese guys sitting in a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere"?

If you’ve answered yes to either question, don’t worry, we're not asking you why you’re scouring the WWW for these pics (as much as we'd like to). For those who said no, you may just find yourself scrolling through these pictures once we let you in on this hilarious Japanese stock photo site.

Muscle Plus is a treasure trove of free stock images of hunky Japanese guys who eschew wearing shirts while they’re photographed doing mundane daily things.

The site is in Japanese, but the Google translation of the captions give you a pretty good idea of what’s going on. Like this one of the website’s founder Akihito in a carboard box. Here, he’s described in the caption as “Macho thrown away by cats”.

02 ak box

Akihito, a model, reportedly set up the site last year to fill the gap in the market for free stock images of “macho men”. He kicked things off with images of himself before expanding the collection to include pics of other buff male models.
03 playroom

The models on the site belong to a modelling and performing group called All Out, and can be hired for photo shoots, events, and personal training and nutritional advice.

As you can imagine, Muscle Plus was a hit and it’s become the go-to source for anyone who needs images of Japanese guys and their pecs doing random everyday tasks. You know, for important business presentations, we imagine.

Or for those occasions when your friend tries to sabo your low-carb diet.

04 baguette

Not one to rest on his laurels, Akihito has upped his game with the latest set of photos. Behold, shirtless Japanese dudes in a tea plantation doing things.

Such as lifting weights — and broccoli — in a tea plantation.

05 lifting weights in field

This one’s of them “fighting for supremacy of tea leaves”, according to Google Translate. Intense stuff.
06 fighting for tea

Caution: You may end up scrolling through the hilarious images for hours on end.

Feast your eyes here.
Photos: Muscle Plus (where else?)