Singapore has just been minted the most fatigued country in the world, according to a recent survey by a UK bedding manufacturer (we beat second-place Mexico and even Japan, which ranked fifth). Six in 10 people here don’t get enough sleep, according to another study earlier this year.

Yes, it’s official — we’re a tired bunch. And one mattress company wants to change that by offering a dream job, quite literally.

Fatigued folks, listen up. Online mattress and bedding company Sonno is looking for a Sleep Executive, and will pay the successful hire $1,500 just to sleep. Yes, really.

As a Sleep Executive, you're required to sleep on a Sonno mattress for eight hours a day for 100 days. You will also have to use a sleep tracker app to track your sleep for 100 nights from the comfort of your own bedroom. 

The Sleep Exec will be paid $1,500 for the whole duration and will be provided with a Sonno queen-sized mattress, two pillows and a bed sheet set that they can keep.

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Interested parties will have to apply online and fill up a form and upload your resume — not your usual CV, of course —  to let Sonno’s Dream Team know why you’d make the best professional sleeper.

The deadline to apply is Sep 19, 2021, so there’s hardly any time to hit the snooze button in this instance. Especially not when over 2,200 people in both Singapore and Malaysia have applied for this dream position, just two days after applications opened on Sep 6 (one person from each country will be selected). The successful applicant will be informed by Oct 1, and is expected to, er, start work in early October.

With such stiff competition, how do you ensure your application stands out from the rest? asked the folks at Sonno, who provided these tips:

“Firstly, they'd have to love sleep a lot! We want to work with someone who understands and appreciates the importance of good sleep in their daily life. 

"It would also be great if the applicants could share creative videos or photos they have posted on social media, be it on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Youtube. We're looking for storytellers who have a strong personality and voice of their own and can channel that into interesting content that people engage with on social media to create awareness about the importance of getting a good night's sleep. A major plus point would be if the applicant came up with the idea themselves, and shot and/or edited the photos and videos themselves too. Interesting articles or blog posts would be great as well.”

The aim of this publicity campaign is to help Sonno discover the secret to better sleep, and the selected applicant's input will be used to help them refine their products, according to the company's press release.

“Our professional sleeper will need to tell us how the pandemic has been affecting their sleep and how we can help them sleep better,” says Sonno CEO Fabio Miceli.

Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio, Sonno