Some learned to dance to BTS, others roped in hordes of friends (pre-Covid, of course) to stop traffic in Orchard Road. These are not viral videos of university orientation programmes, but the creative wedding proposals in Singapore.

People are now sharing their wedding proposal stories on Instagram in a bid to win a hotel wedding banquet lunch. The most creative entry wins a 15-table wedding banquet lunch worth about $19,000, and it'll be held at the new Hilton Singapore Orchard Hotel — slated to open in March 2022. It will take over the current Mandarin Orchard Singapore after the ongoing $150mil renovations.

01 grand ballroom   renovated pillarless ballroom with crystal chandeliers for up to 800 guests

The Hilton Winning Marriage Proposal contest runs until Nov 21, 2021. According to the hotel’s press release, the proposals are judged based on creativity (60 per cent) and emotional appeal (40 per cent). 

Entries have been pouring in since the contest kicked off two weeks ago. Whoever said Singaporeans lack creativity haven’t seen some of these wedding proposal stories. These are the contest entries that caught our attention — some hilarious, others creative, and all rather rom com-worthy.

The one with the BTS dance: This guy not only danced to BTS, he learned Hokkien (no, not Korean) for his proposal speech. Watch it here.

02 bts

The one who got his friends to be safe distancing ambassadors: 
It was an elaborate set-up involving a video on the big screen outside Wisma Atria, so you can imagine how many curious bystanders there’d be. Well, this groom-to-be anticipated that too… and got his friends to be (unofficial) safe distancing ambassadors for crowd control. Watch it here.
03 sda data

The one that stopped traffic on Orchard Road: 
This pre-pandemic proposal took place on Orchard Road as well, and involved 1,000 balloons, 23 friends and one traffic-stopping long banner. Would not look out of place in a Korean drama series. Watch it here
04 orchard road

The one-man show: 
While the other grooms-to-be on this list roped in their pals, this guy did it all alone. Tightened Covid-19 restrictions meant that only two people were allowed in the hotel room where he'd planned to propose, so the dude ended up decorating the room all by himself, including blowing 100 balloons (how's that for effort). He also filmed the behind-the-scenes process and the marriage proposal on his own. Watch it here.
05 balloons

To check out the other entries, search for #HiltonWinningProposalContest on Instagram. More contest details here.

Photos: Hilton Singapore Orchard, Instagram screenshots