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At A Glance: When & Where To Wear A Mask Indoors, Even As Mask-Wearing Rules Are Eased On Aug 29

What’s counted as public transport or healthcare settings? It's really not that confusing.

At A Glance: When & Where To Wear A Mask Indoors, Even As Mask-Wearing Rules Are Eased On Aug 29

Masks will no longer be mandatory indoors in Singapore from Aug 29, with a few exceptions — specifically, in healthcare settings and on public transport.

But for those who live life by clearly defined parameters, these broad guidelines are hardly sufficient. What’s counted as public transport? Must I wear a mask if I’m in a Grab or Gojek? What about planes, cruises, live events… the questions from concerned folks are endless.

Fret not. We’ve rounded up a handy list to tell you when and where masks are still required indoors. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list.

Still confuddled by all of this? MOH advises: “Members of the public are encouraged to continue to exercise responsibility and caution, such as wearing masks when in crowded places, or when visiting or interacting with vulnerable persons.” 

At which indoor settings are masks still required from Aug 29?

Public buses, MRT, LRT

  • On public buses, MRT/LRT: Yes
  • Indoor boarding areas of bus interchanges and underground MRT platforms: Yes
  • Naturally ventilated bus interchanges: No
  • Retail areas in bus interchanges, MRT/LRT stations: No

Taxis, private hire vehicles

  • Taxis and private hire vehicles (eg. Grab, Gojek): No. However, drivers and passengers are still encouraged to wear masks in the vehicles, according to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).
  • School buses, private bus services: No, although this is also up to the operators’ discretion.


  • Ferries and cruises: No. Royal Carribbean, Resorts World Cruises and Celebrity Cruises guests will no longer be required to mask up indoors from Aug 29, according to a Today report.

Air travel

  • In Changi Airport: No
  • On flights: Varies according to airlines’ policies
    • Singapore Airlines and Scoot: No, unless passengers are travelling to or from destinations that require masks. These include South Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Germany, and most Southeast Asian destinations (except for Thailand). Full list here.
    • Jetstar: Its mask policy will align with that of the destination it’s flying to.
    • Cathay Pacific: Yes

Healthcare settings

  • Hospitals, national specialty centres, polyclinics, General Practitioner (GP) and dental clinics: Yes
  • Retail, F&B outlets and other facililties within the abovementioned: Yes
  • TCM, Specialist, GP and dental clinics: Yes
  • Physiotherapy and other allied health clinics located outside hospitals: No
  • Renal dialysis centres, clinical and radiological labs: Yes
  • Day hospices, residential care homes, welfare and sheltered homes for the aged, adult disability homes: Yes
  • Covid-19 care facilities, testing and vaccination centres: Yes
  • Ambulances and medical transport vehicles: Yes
  • Non-residential community services (e.g. centre-based services, day care services, home care services, community mental health services): No


Photo: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa

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