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15 Unexpected Haunted Places In Singapore

Spooky encounters at Orchard Road, anyone?

15 Unexpected Haunted Places In Singapore

Forget Halloween Horror Nights. Who needs scare actors to frighten the daylights out of you when you can settle for the real deal? We’re talking real-life spooks on our little island. Old Changi Hospital, Fort Canning Park and Haw Par Villa are but some of the famously haunted places in Singapore where spirits linger and urban legends are more than a myth. But what about unexpected or lesser-known spooky spots in Singapore?

We speak to two paranormal investigators here to find out where you can go this Hungry Ghost month for a taste of the thrills and chills. Think supernatural run-ins are merely superstitious mumbo jumbo? Some of these scientific-based stories (and a history lesson of sorts) by these pro ghost hunters who employ technology in their paranormal expeditions to present infallible proof might convince you otherwise. As for those anecdotal accounts, you might want to take it with a pinch (or bucket) of salt. Regardless, fact or fiction, get ready to be spooked.

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