White House Correspondents' Dinner MC Michelle Wolf Rocks With New Talk Show 'The Break With Michelle Wolf'

It's on Netflix every Sunday.

Bravo to The Break with Michelle Wolf, the new weekly Netflix talk show (new eps on Sundays) starring the Daily Show alum who made headlines in April for her raunchy monologue at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. 

If you like what she did there, then you’ll be in for a treat with her show, where the firecracker comedienne with the high-pitched voice (it’s only high-pitched when she gets loud) and, in her own words, “clown hair” offers her unique take on politics, showbiz, sports — pretty much anything under the sun. She does silly stuff too like a trailer for a faux flick Featuring A Strong Female Lead: The Movie, which pokes fun at Hollywood movies with, well, strong female characters. 

Elsewhere, she mocks a baker in South Carolina for censoring the words “Summa Cum Laude” on a graduation cake ordered by a mother for her son. I’d love to share Wolf’s NSFW remarks but that may give some readers a heart attack (then again, if they do have a heart attack, they should blame their cholesterol, not her jokes). Here are some of the best jokes from the first episode of The Break With Michelle Wolf, my new obsession. 

On disgraced celeb chef Mario Batali… 

“I love when someone like Batali finally gets caught for justice reasons. But now we can make fun of how he looks, because no one’s going to come to his defence, like, ‘That’s sexual predator-shaming’”. 

On the Miss USA pageant, Part 1… 

“This year the contestants shared their #MeToo experiences in pre-recorded videos, which is insane, because the whole pageant is one big #MeToo. These women are literally walking across the stage in bathing suits, so that judges can score their bodies and then maybe reward them with money.” 

On the Miss USA pageant, Part 2… 

“Miss USA is a perfect example of how weird it is to be a woman. Because I want women to do what they want to do, I just wish this wasn’t what they wanted to do. If you can get money showing your body and you’re comfortable with that, get your money. But also have another skill, you know, just in case of emergency, like, I don’t now? Age?”

On American football… 

“If there’s an issue the NFL can address, it’s… cool it with the instant replays. Just get refs with good eyes who can see things and make good calls. Then once you’re positive that those refs have good eyes and can make the right call, see if they want to be a police officer. That’s how you should become a cop. Think about it. Refs can see things. They are not threatened by black men. And their reaction to sudden movement is to just throw a flag.”

On the Royal Wedding… 

“I have this theory that Prince Harry saw Meghan [Markle] in Suits and was a fan of her, and now the rest of their relationship is her shielding him from better shows. He’s like, ‘Suits is the best’. She’s like, ‘You’re right, there are no better shows.’ And he’s like, ‘What’s this I hear about Big Little Lies?’ And she’s like, ‘No, it’s terrible — ugly people, hard to follow, very few suits. Why do you want to watch that when you can watch one of the seven seasons of Suits?’” 

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