According to some reports, there were more than 520 scripted shows produced in the US in 2018. Even more, if you include your unscripted and reality dramas. And that’s just in the US alone. 

Here, if you factor in the homegrown productions as well as shows from China, India, South Korea and Thailand, you’re dealing with a lot of TV. And they just keeping piling and piling — where do we find the time to watch them? 

Just when you’re almost done with the binge-worthy spy thriller Pine Gap, another equally addictive show, the stalker drama You, pops up on the radar. I have at least a dozen German, French, Danish, Japanese, Israeli shows on my Netflix queue vying for my undivided attention.

At the rate I'm going (six hours per day), I'll probably get around finishing last year's shows this year. I’m praying for a technology that allows me to stream them in my sleep.

In light of this TV deluge, we wonder what shows — new and/or old — some celebs managed to catch in 2018. 

Photos: Netflix, BBC, Toggle, HBO 

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