Weird J-Drama 'Million Yen Women' Is About A Guy Who Gets Paid To Live With Five Beautiful Women

It's also a serial killer thriller.

Million Yen Women is one weird-ass Japanese serial — based on a manga, but of course — about a struggling novelist (Yojiro Noda) living under the same roof with five mysterious women (including The Wolverine’s Rila Fuushima who likes to walk around the house butt naked — don’t ask).

Each woman pays the writer a monthly rental of ¥1 million. It’s every guy’s fantasy: to get paid to be around beautiful women! Apparently, the ladies are invited there by an anonymous benefactor as part of a game. It all sounds like a Cinemax skin flick, but here’s the kicker: the show becomes progressively macabre as the tenants are killed off one by one. And that’s when things really start to get interesting.  

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