We Need To Talk About Nat Ho's Awful Supernatural Show 'Haunt Me'

It's scary for all the wrong reasons.

Boo to Haunt Me , one of the six shortlisted pilots from across Asia vying to get made into a series on the streaming service HOOQ. 

The supernatural tale, one of two Singaporean productions (the other one, How To Be a Good Girl, featuring Oon Shu An, is another story for another time), stars Nat Ho (looking lost and bored) as a guy who discovers his late father is a ghost whisperer and he too has his old man’s spectral-spotting powers. 

Horrible: She's upset that drummer position in a black metal group has been filled up. 

From the stilted acting to the patchy plotting to the amateurish make-up effects (did the producers get their interns to do them?), Haunt Me is clinically baaad. So bad that you have to watch it to believe it and then quickly have those memories erased by a hypnotist. 

Seriously, what possessed HOOQ to cough up US$30,000 (S$40,000) for this? Someone there has got some explaining to do. 

Watch it on: HOOQ

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