We Need To Shower After Watching Tom Hardy On The Ridley Scott-produced Period Drama ‘Taboo’

Finally, a show where we can say, “Tom Hardy is really hard” and not feel weird about it.

Tom Hardy stars in Taboo, the dark period drama set in a harsh 19th century London, that’s a far cry from the genteel manners and starched suits on Downton Abbey

Hardy plays James Keziah Delaney, a presumed dead prodigal son who returns to build a shipping empire and avenge his father’s mysterious death.

He’s angry, primal and haunted. When he speaks, it’s with a guttural snarl. In fact, Hardy’s feral energy is so unrelenting that the small screen almost strains to contain him.

Stomping around in his big hat, Delaney despises everyone in his path, all except his sister (Oona Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin), whom he still lusts after. (The show’s called Taboo for a reason.)

The supernatural also abounds — we learn through flashbacks that Delaney may have picked up some dark magic skills from his African sojourn.

Even though he sounds deplorable, he still manages to come off smelling better than most of the greedy sods around him.

So while it may be exceedingly slow in parts — even his would-be assassins have little sense of urgency — there are enough sordid secrets and treacheries here to keep viewers invested. (Photo: FX)

Watch it on: FX (Singtel TV Ch 310 & StarHub Ch 507)  

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