On his previous appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Tom Cruise and his host acted out snippets from his film career and started a Tom Cruise-themed boat trip business on the River Thames called, er, Tom’s Cruise. 

So what else can they do? Let’s go skydiving! It’s a fitting stunt since Cruise is on the show to plug Mission: Impossible — Fallout. For Cruise, jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000ft is a piece of cake, but for Corden, it’s another story. 

“I’ll be honest,” a visibly petrified Corden says in the segment. “I’m terrified. This feels like a mistake.” He later adds, “The worst part of this is, if we both die, I will get zero press. I’ll be a footnote.” To which a cool-as-cucumber Cruise replies, “It’s gonna be okay. Chances are, we’re gonna make it.”

 Cruise, being the daredevil and adrenaline junkie he is, makes everything looks so easy and is clearly enjoying every second of his freefall. The sight of Corden doing his tandem jump is both thrilling and nerve-wracking. Despite the rough landing, we’re glad he made it back in one piece.

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Photos: Youtube screengrabs