Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted  

Does Gordon Ramsay have a clone? When he isn’t attending to his restaurant empire, he’s on countless reality TV shows. And amidst this tight-as-a-dolphin’s butt schedule, he still managed to squeeze in this six-part Parts Unknknown-esque docu-series that explores the ancient culinary cultures of Peru, Laos, Morocco, Hawaii, Alaska, and New Zealand — not in a kitchen, but the great outdoors (cue the awe-inspiring, Instagrammable vistas). In each ep, Ramsay, aided by a local renowned chef, learns to prepare homegrown dishes by using the freshest ingredients he can find from the wild (free-diving for shellfish, curing seal meat, catching cactus worm with a lasso). It’s always mesmerising to see Ramsay cook but here it’s just as hilarious watching him channel his inner Bear Grylls. In Morocco, when told that he has to rappel down a waterfall to harvest some mushrooms, a petrified Ramsay tells his guide, “The name is Gordon James, not James Bond.” That said, isn’t it time Ramsay team up with Grylls? Cooking Wild, anyone? (***1/2)

Watch it on: Fox+; Mon, National Geographic Channel (Singtel TV Ch 201 & StarHub Ch 411), 10pm

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