True-Crime Mock Doc ‘American Vandal’ Season 2 Tackles A Crappy Conspiracy

It’s one epic poop joke!

The second season of American Vandal is full of shit. And that’s a compliment, really. Season 1 of the true-crime mockumentary is something of a novelty, a parody of Making a Murderer, where aspiring filmmakers Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam Ecklund (Griffin Gluck) exonerated a teenager charged with spray-painting penis images on his teachers’ cars.

Now, the duo are celebs (hey, they’re on The Daily Show!) and they turn their attention to solve a food-poisoning prank at a Catholic prep school that led to an outbreak of diarrhoea, an incident referred to as The Brownout. If Season 1 is one epic dick joke stretched over eight episodes, then Season 2 is one epic poop joke stretched over eight episodes.

Can the same joke be funny twice? There are signs of diminishing returns but there’s still enough intrigue and silliness in watching the documentarians track down The Turd Burglar. (One funny bit sees Maldonado and Ecklund using punctuation and an emoji glitch caused by an iOS upgrade to narrow down their list of suspects.)

american vandal 2 turd burglar
Spread the word: The Turd Burglar is in town. 

And while they’re doing that, they also examine teens’ inseparable and sometimes internecine relationship with social media. If there’s ever a third season, how are they going to top excrement? Be careful, guys, to borrow a line from the show, there’s a fine line between straining and clenching — and you guys are straining.

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