Trevor Noah Blames Brexit On Bad Weather (Sorta) In His First Netflix Special ‘Afraid of the Dark'

Are you using the P-word correctly?

In his first Netflix stand-up special, Afraid of the Dark, The Daily Show host, like so many, many people, tries to make sense of Donald Trump’s ascendency, the rise of nationalism and anti-immigration sentiments. Brexit is the result of Britain’s colonial legacy, which Noah believes was fuelled by bad weather. “Bad weather makes you a bad person,” says Noah. “There was no one from a tropical climate who was trying to take over the world… you don’t ever hear stories of Caribbean conquerors.” Elsewhere, he shows off his impersonation skills in a skit about Barack Obama’s first encounter with Nelson Mandela, and explains why it’s not only rude but also anatomically inaccurate to use a certain P-word to call someone weak. (Photo: Netflix) 

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