Trailer Watch: Hugh Laurie Runs A Luxury Cruise Ship In Space In HBO’s Avenue 5

Set your phasers to fun!

It’s The Love Boat in space!

Wait, The Lovewhat? Too obscure a pop cultural reference? Okay, how about the Axiom from Wall-E? Or the Avalon in Passengers? Well, the new HBO comedy from Veep creator Armando Iannucci is set on a space cruise ship like the ones featured in said movies.

A bearded Hugh Laurie plays the skipper of Avenue 5 (what’s up with space ships that start with A?). In the teaser, the vacay vessel runs into some mechanical trouble (ship happens?), forcing the good captain and his intrepid staff to take some drastic actions. 

Whatever they do, the guests aren't too happy about it. Hilarity ensures. Or something like that. The show also stars Josh Gad (aka Frozen’s Olaf), Dr Ken’s Suzy Nakamura, and Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods. 

No word on whether there will be any alien encounters. The teaser above is the PG version. Here’s one with the expletives intact. Enjoy.

 Avenue 5 premieres Jan 20, 11am, on HBO GO and HBO (Toggle, Singtel TV Ch 420, StarHub Ch 601).

Photo: HBO 

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