Trailer Watch: Doctors Work Hard, Play Hard In Netflix K-Drama Hospital Playlist

It’s premiering Mar 12!

Netflix has released a trailer for its new Korean medical dramedy, Hospital Playlist, from the director of Prison Playbook and the creators of the Reply series.

Jeon Mi-Do, Kim Dae-Myeong, Jo Jung-Suk, Chong Kyung-Ho and Yoo Yeon-Seok star as doctors who’ve known one another since med school, stationed in the same hospital in the VIP wing.

Here’s the synopsis series: “These five diverse personalities emerge from behind the hospital curtains. There is a hint of the deep connections they share as well as the complicated lives that are hidden from the patients, family, staff and fellow doctors they interact with every day. There are many surprises and revelations awaiting in this fresh new drama. Audiences will discover the chemistry among long-time friends who stick together through thick and thin.”

Hospital Playlist premieres Mar 12 on Netflix.

Photo: Netflix 


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