They Are Making A TV Series About Kids Trying To Remake The Goonies

But first they have to make a solid pilot.

Good news for fans of The Goonies: it’s being made into a TV series. Indirectly, that is.

Variety reported that Fox network has ordered a pilot — from Sarah Watson, the creator of the fashion mag workplace comedy The Bold Type — about a teacher helping three students to produce a shot-for-shot remake of their favourite movie, The Goonies.

For those who know zilch about The Goonies, think of it as your parents' Stranger Things. It's this 1985 cult classic  — executive produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Richard Donner — about a bunch of smalltown kids (including future savior of Middle Earth Sean Astin and future destroyer of worlds Josh Brolin as siblings) embarking on a treasure hunt. Cyndi Lauper is featured on the soundtrack.

At press time, the film re-enactment drama is still untitled with no cast attached. Superbad’s Greg Mottola has been tapped to direct. Donner and Spielberg (via his production company Amblin) are onboard as EPs.

Remember this is just the pilot; if the Fox bosses hate it, they won’t order it to series and that’ll be the end of it.


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