The Oscar-winning ‘The White Helmets’ Honours The Brave Rescue Workers In Syria

Do you know what life is like in war-torn Syria?

The White Helmets, the winner of this year’s Best Documentary Short, is about the Syrian Civil Defence, a group of 2,900-Syrian volunteers credited with saving 58,000 lives over the past five years in their war-torn country.

The 40-min docu — by Orlando von Einsiedel, the director of Virunga, the Oscar-nominated docu about Congo’s endangered mountain gorillas — follows three rescue workers as they race against time to pull people (including an infant the rescuers dubbed the ‘Miracle Baby’) from the wreckage caused by the daily airstrikes.

Though this group has been nominated for last year’s Nobel Peace Prize, some folks doubt their neutrality — some say they’re Al-Qaeda collaborators, others accuse them of being “US and UK funded and trained agents of ‘regime change’”.

So is The White Helmets a propaganda film or, as the filmmakers have intended, a simple portrait of heroism? (Photo: Netflix) 

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