'The Mick' Is A Disappointing Vehicle For 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia''s Kaitlin Olson

Hopefully, the second season will be better.

Boo to The Mick for toying with our feelings. Created by two writers of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and starring that show’s Kaitlin Olson (whom you may also remember as the voice of whale shark Destiny in Finding Dory), The Mick steps up to the plate with already big shoes to fill. Sadly, this irreverent sitcom falls just shy of a homerun. It makes us feel kinda bad for Olson, whose immense comedic talents are criminally squandered here. She plays the titular slacker who gets hustled by her rich ex-stripper sister into looking after the latter’s three spoiled children. But this isn’t building up to be some feel-good family drama. After all, the kids she inherits are social misfits in some way or other. There’s some hilarity from the rude humour and OTT situations (like when Mick gets her dorky charge to laugh at a bully’s not-so-tiny, ahem, private part). But for the most part, the sitcom, which seems to temper its obnoxiousness, feels uncomfortably constipated. It’s like the poop that ends up being just a fart. 

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