The Michael Bolton Reality Show 'Bolt Of Talent' Is A Bore When It Can Be So Much More

Why did the show skip Singapore?

Bolt of Talent, or, as I prefer to call it, Michael Bolton’s Asia’s Got Talent, is a reality show the Soul Provider is in Bangkok, KL, Manila and Taipei, looking for the best Michael Bolton cover artist to go on tour with him.

Basically, it’s a gloried ad for Bolton’s back catalogue, and an excuse for him to share fun facts about his greatest hits. It’s a dull show when it could’ve been so much more. Instead of seeing him holed up in some studio, why not show more stuff of him interacting with the locals (like he did in the Manila ep where he wowed a crowd at a karaoke bar)? 

And because the show is sponsored by a car company, there is a silly segment where the contestants have to sing in a car. (Cue eye roll.) Why stop there? Why not throw in a cooking challenge as well? Better yet, cooking and singing in a moving car?  

Also, why isn’t Singapore part of his search? Surely, he can find someone here who’ll do a killer rendition of ‘Jack Sparrow’.  (Main photo: TPG News/Click Photos) 

Watch it on: StarWorld, Singtel TV Ch 301 & StarHub Ch 501; Fox+ 

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