The Investigator Is The Brits' Making A Murderer

Simon Cowell’s true-crime series is slick and compelling.

Billed as the Brits’ answer to Making a Murderer — the addictive Netflix docu about efforts to exonerate a wrongfully convicted killer — The Investigator: A British Crime Story follows ex-cop/investigative journo Mark Williams-Thomas as he revisits the case of Russell Causley, a man serving time for killing his wife whose body was never found. But the super-sleuth isn’t out to clear Causley’s name ’cos his guilt is never doubted; his job is to help the victim’s daughter get closure and find out what Causley really did to the body. What William-Thomas unearthed in his probe is unnerving, exasperating and heartbreaking. It’s a riveting procedural — produced by Simon Cowell — even though its uber-slickness can get in the way of the storytelling. So over-produced are some sequences that they sometimes come across as stagey. (Photo: Netflix)

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