The 'Internet' Episode Of 'Room 104' Reminds Everyone That They Should Never Let Their Mum Mess With Their Computer

The episode goes from comedy to horror to heartbreak in 30 minutes.

Bravo to the powerful ‘The Internet’ ep of Room 104, the genre-fusing anthology series about the assorted folks staying in the titular motel lodging.

In this 1997-set ep, the guest is a budding author (Poorna Jagannathan, whom some may remember as the cab driver in Deadpool) trying to get his tech-illiterate mum over the phone to retrieve a manuscript from his computer.

Their exchange starts out comical before things get dark quick, escalating into a hurtful shouting match. But anger makes way for tears when one of them reveals a family secret.

It’s amazing how the ep runs the gamut of emotions in the space of half an hour, in a scene where one character is represented by a disembodied voice.

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