The Bio Series 'Genius' Will Make You Re-think The Life of Albert Einstein

Yes, Einstein had a sex life, too.

Bravo to Genius for showing us a very different side of Albert Einstein. But if you think this anthology series — Nat Geo’s first scripted drama, co-produced by Ron Howard — is going to be all scientific theories and quantum physics, you’ve got another thing coming. In fact, when we first see Einstein (the brilliant Geoffrey Rush) on screen, he’s thinking with his, um, other ‘head’ while pressed up against his secretary. (Talk about The Big Bang Theory.) Adapted from Walter Isaacson’s book Einstein: His Life and Universe, Genius explores the Nobel Prize winner’s more amorous pursuits and the women in the wild-haired theoretical physicist’s life. While Rush’s turn as the elder Einstein is commendable (what a surprise), it’s Lovesick’s Johnny Flynn as the younger Einstein who’s so positively hot that he totally deserves to be science’s pin-up hunk. 

Watch It On: Sun, National Geographic Channel, Singtel TV Ch 201 & StarHub Ch 411

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