The Big Blue Bug Of Justice 'The Tick' Returns But It Doesn't Click

It just isn't the same without Batmanuel.

Boo to the disappointing return of The Tick. When Ben Edlund’s cult comic book — about a superhero who wears a bright blue spandex suit — was first made into a TV series more than 15 years ago, it was a dud that lasted only nine episodes.

For The Tick’s second TV coming, I’m afraid it’ll suffer the same fate as its predecessor. Shaun of the Dead's Peter Serafinowicz stars as the Big Blue Bug of Justice, but, strangely, he isn’t the hero — he’s the sidekick to a mild-mannered accountant (Griffin Newman).

That isn’t the problem. The problem is that the show wants to be light and dark but never quite finds the right tone. It’s an oddball comedy that has too much of the former, not enough of the latter.

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