The Award-winning Comedy 'Atlanta' Will Make You Forget The Donald Glover You Know From 'Community'

Donald Glover scores as a wannabe hip-hop manager.

The Donald Glover you see here is (thankfully) not a variation of vapid college student Troy from Community. Neither is this series a lazy offshoot in a similar vein.

Despite lots of laugh-out-loud moments, we’re not sure if you can call Atlanta a sitcom or even a dramedy. It sorta defies categorisation, not unlike Girls.

Even though its premise is straightforward (three African-Americans struggle to rise above their poor circumstances), Glover’s project is irrefutably honest and thought provoking.

Glover plays Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks, a constantly broke and philosophical young father who returns to his hometown to manage his maybe famous rapper cousin. Though he has it pretty rough, Earn never lets his situation defeat him, which makes him instantly endearing and easy to root for. 

Atlanta may dip its toes into the hip-hop world, but it’s not Empire Part Deux.  The perspective here is unique and refreshing, with the balance between comedy and drama nicely meted out, not hashed together for effect. Compulsively watchable.

Watch It On: FX, Tue, Singtel TV Ch 310 & StarHub Ch 507

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