'Tanglin''s Eden Ang Takes On Mutants In Sci-Fi Horror 'Silo'

It's 'Wayward Pines', Singapore-style.

Silo is a four-part post-apocalyptic mystery about four siblings (including Tanglin’s Eden Ang) hiding out in an underground bunker while the topside is populated by mutant monsters called Red Eyes.

If you’ve seen Wayward Pines and The Village, you’d know what to expect next — turns out the world isn’t as apocalyptic as the survivors have been told. But as derivative as Silo is, I also find it strangely appealing.

Because homegrown sci-fi horror is a rarity on TV, I’d rather sit through this — something different — than waste time on another tone-deaf sitcom (you know which ones, this and this and this).

I have one gripe, though: Why not just show Silo in its entirety as one continuous narrative instead of breaking it up into four 24-minute episodes? It’s less disruptive lah… 

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