Slow TV Will Help You Sleep At Night

Sweet dreams are made of this.

Netflix has found the cure for insomnia. Yes, the home of Stranger Things and Narcos has stumbled upon a miracle drug and no, this isn’t a backhanded jab at The Ranch. Seriously, we’re talking about Slow TV, a collection of travelogues, if you can call them that, about the surreally seductive slow-pace life in Norway. The shows accomplish two things: they broaden our horizons and prep us for bed. As crazy it sounds, it’s strangely soothing to watch people knit, chop firewood, and do, you know, mundane stuff. As with anything in life, always start small with Northern Passage, an hour docu about a ship cruising along Norway’s western coast. Then work yourself up to the self-explanatory, seven-hour magnum opus Train Ride: Bergen to Oslo. Yes, it’s the entire ride — stops included.

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