Singapore Gets A Shout-Out On The Netflix Docu-Series 'The Toys That Made Us'

Thank you, Hello Kitty.

Bravo to the return of The Toys That Made Us, the docu-series about the most popular toy franchises in history, this time about the Star Trek, Transformers, LEGO and Hello Kitty brands. 

Each ep is chockful of nerd-pleasing trivia about the toy line’s genesis and how it evolved over the decades. 

In the ‘Star Trek’ ep, did you know it was Lucille Ball who boldly bankrolled the cult sci-fi TV show and that some of the early playthings launched — like the notorious Star Trek Helmet — had zilch to do with the show? 

Elsewhere, the ‘Transformers’ ep examines the shape-shifting robots’ Japanese origins and how Hasbro repackaged the toys for the American market by getting Marvel Comics to come up with a storyline and names for more than 20 characters (including Optimus Prime). 

The ‘Hello Kitty’ ep is a fascinating look at the art of selling cuteness and how the ‘career’ of the mouthless cat began with a coin purse. Of course, no Hello Kitty story is complete without mentioning Singapore’s fanatic collectors. Lovely.

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In the news: Our love for Hello Kitty landed us a cameo on the docu 'The Toys That Made Us'. 

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