Sean Bean and Ryan Kwanten Are Cops - And Crooks - In 'The Oath'

It's 'The Shield' all over again.

Boo to The Oath (HOOQ).  This new crime drama stars Sean Bean and True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten as father and son members of a squad of corrupt cops. Theirs is one of many “cop gangs” — in an unspecified LA-meets-Miami city (doubled by Puerto Rico) — who spend more time breaking laws than enforcing them, thinking of ways to crawl out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves each time a deal goes south.

Okay, The Oath, executive-produced by rapper Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, isn’t really that new because it feels like a clunky rehash of The Shield, filtered through Shades of Blue, Training Day, and Sons of Anarchy. No, wait, there’s more: Add a dash of West Side Story (sans the musical numbers) involving a forbidden (but unconvincing) inter-gang romance. 

I can put up with the lack of originality (not really) but does the show have to take itself so seriously? Does being gritty mean a total absence of humour? Besides, it’s really hard to take this show seriously when the gangs are called Ravens, Berserkers and Vipers. Real conspicuous, fellas.

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