'Re:Mind' Is One Weird Japanese High-School Thriller About Bullies

It's like 'Saw' but without the torture.

Bravo to Re:Mind, the creepy 12-part (plus one recap special) thriller about 12 high school classmates (J-pop girl group Keyakizaka46) who are held captive in a Gothic dining room straight out of The Conjuring. Why are they there? Who kidnapped them? 

Apparently, something bad they did has come back to bite them in the ass and Ernest Hemingway’s short story ‘I Guess Everything Reminds You of Something’ plays a critical part in the mystery. 

In every ep, the plot thickens, with the conspiracy opening up to include revelations of vigilante groups, corrupt businessmen, illegitimate children, and classroom bullies. Pretty intriguing stuff. 

It’s like Saw without the torture. Pity the ending doesn’t add up. Cool theme song, though. 

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