Psycho-Sexual Drama 'Gypsy' Is A Waste Of Naomi Watts' Talent

It's hot but not hot enough to make us stay awake.

This underwhelming psycho-sexual thriller stars Naomi Watts as a therapist who crosses the line with her patients by checking up on them (and their friends and family) behind their backs, outside office hours... as someone else.

(She goes by the fake name Diane — is that supposed to be a nod to Watts’ Razzie-nominated performance as Princess Diana?). It’s a pity the rest of the drama didn’t cross the line with her.

On paper, Gypsy promises to be lurid and salacious, but it never quite delivers on them. Not only is it slow, it’s also short on the three Ts — twists, turns and thrills. And they called this a psycho-thriller? When the three Ts do turn up, it’s too late, too little. Maybe Gypsy should have been better off as a two-hour movie, not a 10-ep series. Good news: It's been cancelled. What a waste of talent. (**)

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