Only Stephen King Fans Will Appreciate 'The Mist'; Others Will Give It A... Miss

You're better off with Frank Darabont movie version.

The Mist, the TV version of the Stephen King novella (previously made into a movie by Frank Darabont) about a small-town shrouded in a mysterious fog, is a Lost redux. And not a very good one.  

Trapped by this bizarre phenomenon, the folks (played by, with the exception of Six Feet Under’s Frances Conroy, a cast of largely unknowns) start to freak out and do cruel things to one another…

Wait, doesn’t that sound a tad familiar? Yes, it does — if you’re a fan of Under the Dome, another King-inspired series. Except the invisible dome is now replaced by a haze with monsters lurking inside.

But there isn’t enough monsters to sustain interest. So why stick around for another Under the Dome? You know that feeling where you’re full after watching The Walking Dead and have no desire to follow Fear the Walking Dead? Same principle here.

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