'Narcos' Is Still Fun Even With Pablo Escobar Out Of The Picture

Is Pedro Pascal's moustache bullet-proof?

Bravo to the return of Narcos, Netflix's addictive drama about the war on drugs in South America.

With Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) now out of the picture (spoiler: he was killed last season), the DEA (led by Pedro Pascal) focuses its efforts on slaying another dragon, the Cali Cartel. But to get to them, they have to again battle red tape, duplicitous bureaucrats and unreliable intel. Amazingly, the show still holds up without Escobar. 

Imagine the new season as your favourite rock group on tour with a new singer who sounds exactly like the previous one — he may not be as charismatic as his predecessor, but he hits all the right notes. It’s same, but different. Do you know what I’m saying? (It's like listening to Journey lah.) 

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