Mutant powers and mental illness clash on the trippy Marvel show 'Legion'

Dan Stevens is a long way from Downton Abbey, physically and mentally.

Superhero shows are a dime a dozen, so do we need another one? Then again, we also ask: do we need another cop/lawyer/doctor show? Our answer: If it’s different, we’ll lap it up. And Legion — an X-Men spin-off created by Fargo writer-producer Noah Hawley — is different enough to stand out from the crowd. Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens plays David Haller, a schizo struggling to find out if he’s mental or a mutant with telekinetic powers (he’s Professor X’s son in the comics), or, for that matter, if his environment is real or imagined. Never mind if David’s fractured train of thought is hard to keep up with sometimes, the trippy visuals alone are worth the price of admission. Picture Wes Anderson doing a superhero show by way of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Too arty and abstract? Oh well, there’s always Iron Fist, premiering Mar 17 on Netflix.  (Photo: Fox)

Watch it on: Fox (Singtel Ch 330 & StarHub Ch 505)

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